Student Investor

Student Investor was launched in 2009 as one of the four main projects of the Financial Club. It is a unique project in Croatia that includes making standard top-down investment analysis, extended for technical analysis, for the selected industry. The analysis is the result of the cooperation of five project teams within the Club: Macroeconomic Analysis Team, which analyses macroeconomic data, Industry Analysis Team, which uses a standardized methods (PESTLE, Porter, SWOT analysis) for giving an opinion on the selected industry, Corporate Analysis Team, which evaluates the company’s fundamental value in relation to its market value and estimates whether the company’s shares are overpriced or underpriced, Technical Analysis Team, which estimates the best momentum of purchase of the selected share, and Portfolio Management Team, which, based on portfolio theory and other financial models, evaluates the impact of each share on the entire portfolio and gives an opinion on reducing or increasing exposure to a particular share.


University Trading Tournament

The University Trading Tournament is a regional student competition in trading securities. The project was launched in 2015 by Financial Club. The aim of the competition is to provide an opportunity to students with interest in finance to expand their knowledge of financial markets and gain the sense of applying that knowledge in practice. Currently, the University Trading Tournament (UTT) is the only student competition of that kind in the region. Anyone interested can apply for UTT, but rewards will only be provided for students with status in Croatia or the region.

Members of the Financial Club were awarded with the Rector’s Award in June 2016 due to the successful organization of the University Trading Tournament 2016.


Financial Dictionary

Financial Dictionary is a project of the Financial Club which is the result of cooperation between students of the Faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Zagreb and company Bisnode which specializes in statistics and analysing big data. Members of Financial Club have collected and defined all the financial terms, while marketing students have translated it in clear and understandable way. The Financial Dictionary of the Most Important Economic Concepts contains 425 most important economic terms with relevant core definitions and examples, thematically divided into eight content units (Basic Concepts, Financial Terms, Institutions, Marketing, Taxes and Other State Contributions Business, Legal Terms, and Accounting). Students of both finance and marketing have participated in implementation of this project, which ensures a multidisciplinary approach and broad application of the Financial Dictionary, because the definitions of economic concepts are enriched with clear and comprehensible explanations, as well as examples of everyday life.

You can also find mobile application Financial Dictionary on the both iTunes and Google Play.

Members who worked on the vocabulary were awarded the Special Dean’s Award in December 2014. In addition, the vocabulary was awarded with numerous other awards: Winner of the GrandPRix 2015, Winner of the Student Friendship Award prize in 2015, finalist of the European Excellence Awards in 2016.