About Financial Club

Financial Club is a specialized student association founded in 2005 at Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb. Financial Club’s main activity is offering additional financial knowledge to its members through projects, workshops and many other interesting activities.

Financial Club’s members promote learning about financial theory and building practical skills which leads to their contribution in creating interest in finance. Club has received many Dean’s and Rector’s awards. In 2013, Zagreb Stock Exchange has recognized Financial Club’s work by awarding it with an Award for an exceptional contribution in field of education on financial markets.

The club can commend with many successful projects, such as University Trading Tournament, Student Investor and award winning Financial Dictionary. Through projects, members can expand their knowledge and acquire new skills. Consulting Day and Student Investor are the club’s most recently organised conferences and are just a few among all the conferences we’ve hosted throughout our existence. Due to members’ hard work, Financial Club has been recognized by students, professors and companies as a driver of financial education and a platform for future financial experts.

The club currently has 110 members, and its Presidency consists of president Stipe Bumber, vice president Sven Barac and secretary-general Matija Drmić.



The history of the club was built, above all, by exceptional individuals who contributed to its value as well as Club’s partners who recognized this value.
Club’s history begins in 2005 when it was officially founded by the students of the Faculty of Economics and Business Zagreb, with an idea to promote the student’s interest for finance. At the beginning, Club counted thirty members. Its activities were published regularly on its own website, and the main project were lectures.

Club’s primary objective was to promote and disseminate knowledge of financial activities and to foster the development of ethics and morality in business. Nowadays, main objectives are much wider, including developing projects and building platforms.
Today, Club specializes in providing additional financial education and is prepared to grow and expand on a daily basis. Each semester, we try to offer additional content and projects, thus, we are extremely pleased to be recognized by the students. In addition, a new website with richer content was also launched in 2009.



Our vision is to create a recognizable community of students at the University of Zagreb whose members promote financial theory and practice both inside and outside of the Club. At the same time, they have the opportunity to perfect their own knowledge about finance and in this manner fulfill their interests, as well as interests of the Club. Lastly, we hope that our members are actively contributing to the development of the financial profession and financial markets in the Republic of Croatia.



Our mission is to provide members with additional education in terms of acquiring theoretical and practical knowledge, experience and skills.


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